May 17-27th, 2018

A Machine for Living

A Sci-Fi thriller

Written and Directed by Susan Simpson

A Machine for Living is a queer, sci-fi thriller. A Southern California artist absorbs errant extraterrestrial DNA and slowly evolves into highly advanced alien other. As she receives revelations from a distant planet her body transforms. She finds herself capable of a supernatural botanical reproduction that could transform the human race. Pursued as a biological terrorist she must decide her next steps.

Live cinema, created with puppets and handmade special effects.

Video Design: Ting Zhang
Sound Design: Jesse Mandapat
Lighting Design: Moira MacDonald
Set and Puppet: Design Susan Simpson
Puppeteers: Molly Allis and Moira MacDonald.


Fri May 18th, 8pm
Sat, May 19th, 8pm
Sun, May 20th, 4pm
Sun, May 20th, 7pm
Fri, May 25th, 8pm
Sat, May 26th, 8pm
Sun, May 27th, 4pm

Ongoing at Automata


Nancy Andrews, Gina Marie Napolitan

Tucked in an alley off Chung King Road, the Peephole Cinema, a 24/7 public screening site, offers hidden visual pleasures for those wandering the Chinatown arts district of Los Angeles. The current program of films is curated by Automata Co-Artistic Directors Janie Geiser and Susan Simpson and features works by NANCY ANDREWS and GINA MARIE NAPOLITAN. Both artists are known for their innovative experimental films and film-based performances..