Los Angeles Exchange [LAX] Festival
at Automata

September 27th -November 3rd LAX Festival produced by Los Angeles Performance Practice is a a highly visible platform that supports hundreds of local artists annually, and reaches thousands of audience members in the greater Los Angeles area. With performances and events that are geographically focused in and around Downtown L.A., the Festival program hosts ten days of contemporary performances by Los Angeles-based artists, presented in dialogue with works by guest artists from outside our city’s limits. Beginning with last year’s 5th anniversary edition, each Festival is focused on an exchange platform with a specific city, engaging artists, curators and organizations in performance presentations, dialogues and artist-to-artist interactions that are designed to cultivate mutual inquiry and long-term network development. 2018 LAX Festival is built on an exchange with artists, curators, and organizations in Philadelphia

September 27th - October 13, 2018

Marsian De Lellis


“The piece, which questions on a cosmic level our artificial divide between the animate and the inanimate, has the appealing, droll humor and structural unity of a David Sedaris story.” —LA Weekly

Created and performed by Marsian De Lellis and developed with director Michele Spears, Object of Her Affection is an unconventional love story that follows the emotional journey of one Andrea Lowe, after she has fallen, mysteriously, from a building. De Lellis endearingly demonstrates their artistic passion for animating the inanimate, as they craft the story of a heroine whose Object Sexuality reveals the way that objects quietly hold multiple personalities, and sometimes multiple hearts.
From her first love—a baby’s blanket—to adolescent dalliances with a bad-boy hunting rifle, Object of Her Affection tackles Andrea’s romantic evolutions, including big-time infatuations with high-profile structures like the Berlin Wall and Golden Gate Bridge. With great care and warm humor, De Lellis complicates notions of sexual identity, while exploring the synesthetic relationship between objects and humans.



Thursday, Sep. 27 8:00pm
Friday, Sep. 28 8:00pm
Saturday, Sep. 29 8:00pm
Sunday, Sep. 30 7:00pm
Thursday, Oct. 4 8:00pm
Friday, Oct. 5 8:00pm
Saturday, Oct. 6 8:00pm
Sunday, Oct. 7 7:00pm
Wednesday, Oct. 10 8:00pm
Thursday, Oct. 11 8:00pm
Friday, Oct. 12 8:00pm
Saturday, Oct. 13 8:00pm

Marsian De Lellis (writer, performer, creator) is an interdisciplinary artist who combines sculpture, objects, installation, performance and handmade spectacles to memorialize obsessional lives. Their work celebrates stories of unconventional people whose private manias become public fodder for tabloids and reality television. (Read more)

Michele Spears (director) is a director/choreographer, performer, theatre producer, and arts educator. Her work has been recognized with New York Nightlife, L.A. Weekly, Saturn, UNIMA, Stagescene L.A., Dramalogue, and Santa Barbara Independent Awards, as well as American Choreographers Award and Ovation Award nominations. (Read more)

LAX Festival (cont.)

October 19- November 3rd, 2018

Susan Simpson

A Machine for Living

A Sci-Fi thriller

A Machine for Living is a queer, sci-fi thriller. A Southern California artist absorbs errant extraterrestrial DNA and slowly evolves into highly advanced alien other. As she receives revelations from a distant planet her body transforms. She finds herself capable of a supernatural botanical reproduction that could transform the human race. Pursued as a biological terrorist she must decide her next steps.

Live cinema, created with puppets and handmade special effects.

Writer and Director Susan Simpson Video Design: Ting Zhang
Sound Design: Jesse Mandapat
Lighting Design: Moira MacDonald
Set and Puppet: Design Susan Simpson
Puppeteers: Molly Allis and Moira MacDonald.

Ongoing at Automata


Nancy Andrews, Gina Marie Napolitan

Tucked in an alley off Chung King Road, the Peephole Cinema, a 24/7 public screening site, offers hidden visual pleasures for those wandering the Chinatown arts district of Los Angeles. The current program of films is curated by Automata Co-Artistic Directors Janie Geiser and Susan Simpson and features works by NANCY ANDREWS and GINA MARIE NAPOLITAN. Both artists are known for their innovative experimental films and film-based performances..