Friday March 24 and Saturday March 25th, 2017 at 8PM

Josiane Keller

ホテル Hotel - Surrogates
the slide-show

ホテル-Hotel (reads: “hotel – hotel”): an ongoing long-term project started in Jan 2016, using lens-based images (currently over 1000+) of hand-made, small-scale puppets. The underlying narrative is of a fictive long-term residency hotel and its tenants, depicted in casual intimate snap-shots;

The project is inspired by Nan Goldin’s “Ballad of Sexual Dependency”, Larry Clark’s “Tulsa”, Peter Hujar, the HOTEL CHELSEA and others, investigating the human sense of seeing and visual memory, the use of photographs as well as puppets as surrogates, the effect of “evidence” a camera adds to an image, and fetishism around images depicting the intimate life of marginalized people.

The project has been so far shown in exhibitions in Tokyo and Budapest as photo-installation of small scale prints, this time at Automata it will be shown for the first time as live slide show.

$15 General Admission
$12 Students, Members and Seniors


***This show includes some adult content not recommended for children***

Josiane Keller is an Austrian-German visual artist currently dividing her time between LA and Japan, working with lens-based images of hand-made small-scale puppets. After studying ceramics, painting and dance and working as a puppeteer, ceramicist, painter and stage photographer she developed this particular style of work that combines all her interests and is underlying investigations of the human sense of seeing, visual memory, visual communication, materialism, loss and group behavior as well as specifically traditional and contemporary construction and purpose of puppets.

Keller started working in this technique since a 2012 long-distance collaboration with a group of street youth from Portland, OR, in which the participants gave anonymous interviews inclusive written descriptions of themselves which were turned into small sale-scale figurines and then photographed (“Each reflection of myself echoes a different emotion at me”); after this project she kept working in this style and developed the originally all-clay figures eventually into more expressionistic puppets with simple joints, costumes and hair.

She has created various long term projects of series of still as well as moving images and collaborated with singers, musicians, film makers, puppeteers and writers; her work has been exhibited and won awards in the US and internationally.

Ongoing at Automata


Ghost Algebra (Peephole Edition), Janie Geiser (2016/2009)
Inconsolable Objects, Susan Simpson (2016)

Peephole Cinema LA is part of a “miniature cinema" project created by Brooklyn-based artist Laurie O’Brien, with satellite projects in three cities: San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Peephole Cinema at Automata was developed in collaboration with LA-based filmmaker and scholar Allison de Fren, and opened in 2014. It is located in the alley behind Automata, to the left of our back door, between North Hill Street and Chung King Road.