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Frankenstein (Mortal Toys)
A Miniature Spectacle, 2004-2008

Directed and designed by Janie Geiser and Susan Simpson

Frankenstein (Mortal Toys) is a toy theater production of Eric Ehn's contemplative and abstracted adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, told with the visual vocabulary of 19th century landscape painting, and portraiture. It is accompanied by the music of Severin Behnen. The voice of Frankenstein performed by Chris Payne. Additional voices and sound by Dana Wilson.

New York premiere at HERE Arts Center, January 2008.

Read Review:

New York Times, January 14, 2008, "Down Sized: Eerie Tale Of a Man and His Monster" by Rachel Saltz

Concrete Folk Variations: Chapter 1
Created by Susan Simpson

Susan Simpson's serial puppet play, a steely serial noir set in the cop-shops, lesbian bars and streetcars of McCarthy era Los Angeles, just before the rise of the modern gay rights movement. Presented at The Manual Archives March 6-22nd, The International Toy Theater Festival in Brooklyn May 25-26; Santa Monica Museum (July 18th and 19th)

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Read Reviews:

L.A. Weekly, March 14, 2008, "Concrete Folk Variations: Death of a Sugar Daddy" by Amy Nicholson

LAist, March 17, 2008 "A Play About Puppets That Do Terrible Things to Each Other" by Ross Lincoln

Ronald Reagan Love Story
Created by Alison Heimstead and Shannon Scrofano

An excavation of the life of former president and unlikely cowboy Ronald Reagan. This mixed-media performance layers real, physical, and political landscapes into transformed media projections fused with puppet theater objects and effects. The Manual Archives (July13-14th)

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